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NYLON Rim tape 20"

  • 330円 (Tax Included)
    300円 (Before-tax Price)
  • RIF2

NYLON Rim tape. Available to fit 20" rims.

Aluminum Quick lever

  • 1,100円 (Tax Included)
    1,000円 (Before-tax Price)
  • SQ4

Aluminum Quick lever 


  • 880円 (Tax Included)
    800円 (Before-tax Price)
  • W-109

TIRE CREAM Coat the Cream onto the bead of the ti...

Tire for indoor performances

  • 2,310円 (Tax Included)
    2,100円 (Before-tax Price)
  • TI



  • 880円 (Tax Included)
    800円 (Before-tax Price)
  • TUB

TUB14~24inch   ●SIZE(1)14×1.75、(2)16×...

Extend Post

  • 2,750円 (Tax Included)
    2,500円 (Before-tax Price)
  • P24

diameter is 22.2mm.

Hexagon seat pin

  • 440円 (Tax Included)
    400円 (Before-tax Price)
  • FES1

Hexagon seat pin Weight:13g

Steel quick lever

  • 770円 (Tax Included)
    700円 (Before-tax Price)
  • SQ1

Steel quick lever  Weight:103g

New air valve

  • 165円 (Tax Included)
    150円 (Before-tax Price)
  • ARB1

This is a air valve set with air leak prevention c...

Crank cap

  • 110円 (Tax Included)
    100円 (Before-tax Price)
  • CAP1

This is to protect crank screw. Crank caps are so...

Forkend Bolt and Washer

  • 132円 (Tax Included)
    120円 (Before-tax Price)
  • SKL1

This is a screw to fix wheel into unicycle frame. ...

Extra Low Head Socket Head Bolt

  • 110円 (Tax Included)
    100円 (Before-tax Price)
  • SKL6

This is a bolt to fix wheel into unicycle frame. ...

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